The Mac Version of the New Microsoft Teams is Anticipated to Roll out in late September."
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Microsoft initiated testing of its latest Teams app version for Windows back in March. Now, there’s news that the forthcoming Teams 2.0, or the new Teams, is on the verge of arriving on the Mac PC platform.

According to reports from Petri via a post within the private Microsoft 365 admin center site, the public preview of the new Teams Mac client is scheduled to be accessible in early September 2023. Admins participating in Microsoft 365’s public preview and/or targeted release programs will soon have the option to switch from the existing Teams Mac client to the fresh Teams Mac app.

Once the public preview for the new Teams Mac client commences, Microsoft assures that users will have the freedom to access it and switch back to the current Teams client at their convenience.

The primary enhancements in Microsoft Teams 2.0 are situated on the backend. Microsoft asserts that users should experience a nearly twofold improvement in app launch speed compared to the current version. Additionally, joining meetings should also be up to twice as swift. Simultaneously, the new app is expected to consume up to 50 percent less memory on Mac PCs and occupy up to 70 percent less storage compared to the current edition.

In addition to the performance enhancements, the new Teams will introduce various features designed to streamline actions and reduce clutter in areas such as notifications and messages. Users will also have the convenience of remaining signed into the new Teams app even when transitioning between different organizations and accounts.

Notably, Microsoft has recently announced that the new Teams will facilitate smoother switching between chats involving different groups within the same organization.