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We offer a 50% equal profit sharing model, which means that you will get 50% of the profit generated in your trading account and send the other 50% to Fintec Markets. We receive Profits only when we generate it.

Profit Withdrawal

Once our Master Trader generate more than 10% profits in your trading account, We send you an email from containing a complete withdrawal instruction and our payment method. You withdraw your profit according to our withdrawal instruction. You keep 50% profit and send the other 50% profit to our provided payment methods. 

Fintec Markets share 35% of total profit with our Master Trader and keep remaining 15% for its administrative and operational expenses. 

Here is the example
to help illustrate how our profit sharing model works

Let’s say you provide us with your trading account, which has a balance of $10,000. We trade on your behalf and generate a profit of $2,000 over a month. Under our 50% equal profit sharing model, you would receive 50% of the profit, which is $1,000, while we would keep the other $1,000.

Please note that the example provided is for illustrative purposes only and do not guarantee any specific profits. The amount of profit generated depends on market conditions, trading strategy, and other factors. We receive profit only when we generate profit.